Which Pest Control Method Is Best?


No one wants to think of pest control as it means we have uninvited guests in our yards or home that aren’t all pleasant to have. Whether it is spiders, termites, rodents or ants, there are some things that you may try however, nothing is more effective than working with a professional pest control company. Check it out!

With such service, they can help in identifying the best method on how to treat the problem you have at hand with least disruption to your day to day lives. Depending on what problem you have, one or more of the methods can be used. Go here fore more info.


In this method, it is using baits in order to attract insects to a trap. The bait can be anything from an organic material, a pesticide or even regular kitchen appliance. Some of the baits have poison which allows the insect to feed and get back to their colony where they are going to poison everything. Some of the areas recommended for using baits in the house are under the sink, near water installations in bathroom, kitchen drawers and cupboards and behind kitchen appliances. This method is more preferred by homeowners as the bait isn’t seen easily by people in your house, has non-toxic properties to pets and people and doesn’t create a strong odor.

Attracting other Insects

Usually, this method is done outdoors for pets that eat garden plants as well as shrubs. You could order insects that naturally prey on pesky pests outdoors or even plant species that are known to attract bugs and kill it. This method however does take a bit of time but, it is something that you plan for early to give beneficial insects the time to establish their hunting ground and grow.

Chemical Control

Insecticides are quite common method and could also be administered either by the homeowner or by the professional service. be sure that you’re using insecticide that is appropriate for the situation you have and follow closely the instructions of its application. If you have doubts or if you have big problems in insect, then you might want to consult a professional and experienced pest control service before you spend money and time on an ineffective method that might cause harm to vegetation or pets.


This method is used commonly for the non insect pests similar to mice and rats. They can catch rodents and hold it until you or a professional could empty the trap. You may buy mouse traps at different retail stores or if you have issue with bigger rodents, you may consider calling professional pest control companies. For more info, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_5627380_choose-pest-control-companies.html.


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